Goodness Me Goodness You!

Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY) is a multi-belief and values curriculum  for children of all beliefs (religious and non-religious). It is taught in Community National Schools (CNSs) and is being developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, in collaboration with CNSs.

GMGY for the junior classes (junior infants to second class) consists of a series of online lessons. Each lesson is based on a story that explores a particular theme. Parents are asked to discuss the theme at home with their child, focusing on their own belief perspective, using prompts from the lesson overviews.

A Lesson Overview Guide for Parents was developed to give parents some information about the GMGY lesson for their child for the week including, for example, the story, song and activities planned for your child.

The GMGY Curriculum for senior classes builds on the learning of the junior classes and develops children’s imagination, values, thinking and beliefs through the strands of Story, We are a Community National School, Thinking Time and Beliefs and Religions. Children are nurtured in their beliefs through a pedagogy called ‘Belief Nurturing’. Parents play an important role in nurturing their child’s belief through the Family Project aspect of the Curriculum.