Community National Schools recognise parents as the primary educators of their children and as such identify them as partners in their children’s education. Community National Schools strive to ensure that parents, along with their children, experience a sense of belonging and purpose as members of the school community. Community National Schools strive to foster proactive relationships with parents to create a cohesive school community and enhance children’s learning experiences and outcomes.

General Information on Community National Schools for Parents

CNS at a Glance
What Are CNSs?
Cad is SNP ann?

Information on Transferring Patronage and “Becoming a CNS”

As Education and Training Boards (ETBs) expand the growth of Community National Schools (CNSs) across the country, other primary schools have become more aware of the model and are interested in exploring it. These publications aim to support these schools by:

  • Describing the core values characteristic spirit of a CNS
  • Describing the supports available to CNSs from ETBs
  • Guiding schools on how to approach the process of exploring becoming a CNS with their school community
  • Providing an overview of the policies and practices that would be in place once the school becomes a CNS.