Proactive staff that welcomes diversity in the children and in turn encourages it in thier curriculum. Treats each child as an individual who has thier own strengths and weakness and encourages them.

The emphasis on children doing their best and encouraging them to succeed. Parents are included and able to join in.

Communication between teachers and parents is amazing! Mother of student

Can’t ask for more than a child that is happy going to school and happy coming home. All the work done by the teachers at GCNS leads to this.

The Principal and teachers are terrific – very forward thinking, committed and they take an inclusive approach.

The teachers are great. There is great communication between teachers and parents. The parents are really involved and want the best for the school. There are always little extras going on like for example visits from guards and fire officers. Mother of student

People with different beliefs are able to learn together and accept each others differences which makes for a better future.

The teachers are so engaged with the children and parents. We feel very much involved and happy to participate in activities. The school is open to all religions and the children love it.

The community spirit is massive and everyone is made feel a big part of the school the feeling of community and the openess to communicating with parents. You really getting the feeling of 1 big family and the you can see how much the teachers put into their lessons!! Father of student

The parental involvement with my childs education. The friendliness at the school with both other parents and teachers. The way children are taught. I have a 16 year old and I have been through a different schooling and I 100% prefer the school my child is in now.

My child’s religion is respected and events take place for all religions equally. My daughter is encouraged in not just education but also in life as in confidence and support.

The principal is amazing with his level of commitment to ensuring an excellent education in an happy environment. All the staff seem to have the same level of commitment to the children.

The children are all equal and their individual learning ability and style is respected while not at the expense of the entire class

The open nature of the school, there is such energy and enthusiasm from the minute you walk in the door and I love that environment for my little boy. Mother of student

It has an incredibly warm inclusive environment. Excellent home/school communication. High standards in education. Wonderful extra curricular opportunities for the children. Strong links within the local community. Children are HAPPY going to school every day. Father of student

The way in which each child is an individual and provided with appropriate supports and encouragement for their ability. Also the eagerness to try and implement new ways of learning and technology.

The fact that it multidenominational (both in terms if curriculum, culture and no requirement for baptism to enter), the dynamism of the principal and staff and the great emphasis put on science, maths and art.

Children are divided in to the small groups based on similar area they need to work on so they can learn in their own pace.

Children’s involement in different school activities. Promoting good manners, discipline, respect and equality. Discussing with parents about their child difficulties in the school and trying to find a way to help the child overcome those difficulties. Father of student

The teachers are amazing as is the principal. the extra curricular activities and parental involvement is fantastic. The children are always smiling. My son loves school. what more can you hope for. Father of student